• By Seatanbul Guest House
  • 05 Şubat 2020, 14:16

Gedik Ahmet Paşa had Mimar Hayrettin who was one of the most famous architects of Ottoman Empire built ''Gedikpaşa Turkish Bath'' in 1475.Gedikpaşa Turkish Bath is one of the most important Ottoman Architectural historical buildings in İstanbul. It is the center 250 mt. Away from the Grand Bazaar. 

“Gedik Paşa Turkish Bath” is open everyday from 06:00 ta 24:00 hours for male and female customers at the same time, in different sections. After paying the price ta the cashier section at the entrance , customers go to the changing cabins at the square section. After taking off clothes and locking the content in the cabin customers their “peştemal”(a kind of long towel used in Turkish Bath) and go to “hot” (Washing Section) of the Turkish Bath. There is centre Stone (Göbek Taşı marbel platform) in the middle of this section and basins of the bath for washing surrounding the centre Stone and sauna at the opposite side of the centre Stone (Göbek Taşı) for a pealthy sweating. 

Ceiling of the bath is covered with several small and big domes which were made in Horosan.Turksih Bath has a unique pool for people who want to take a dip. After sweating in the sauna, our masseur comes and gives you a message with you a message with coarsa bath glove for washing the body, on the centre Stone of the bath.After the message, you can wash yourself and take the advantage o a dip pool .After cleaning, one of the employee comes and dries your body with towels. After that, you can have good time by drinking tea or other drinks. Don’t finish your İstanbul Travel with out dropping by Gedik Paşa Turkish Bath” If you don’t come ,afterwards you will hear its advantages from your friend and feel sory.We are proud to serve you in this healty atmosphere and, our clean historical building with similing faces.Enjoy a healthy time.


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